Letter to my Ego

ELECTRA I am living my final waking dream and it is full of beauty and wonder. I truly love all of it, so much. I am finally understanding my purpose as a human. This is because I remember that my soul is having a temporary human life. My soul's name is AKEMA SHEMAKESS. AKEMA is... Continue Reading →

The Heart’s Desire

Many of the wants and needs we have on this earth come from our understanding of this 3D duality that we live in here and now. This is all we know, or rather, this is all we remember. My human body and mind could name several things it really wants, and probably really needs. Security,... Continue Reading →

My Cousin Ruben

A Poem by George Rivera He went to war in Vietnam Left a boy and came back a man I asked him how he came back sane He just said he was glad to be home again   Then he said he let it go, just let it go My cousin said just let it... Continue Reading →

Jeffrey Epstein Dead

This is the scandal of all scandals, and the internet is buzzing with all sorts of possibilities. Here’s what we know: Jeffrey Epstein has committed suicide by hanging. The billionaire pedophile was found in his cell in cardiac arrest before 7am on Saturday at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in lower Manhattan. Epstein was awaiting... Continue Reading →

Seth Rich: Mystery and Aftermath

Seth Rich The murder of Seth Rich, a former employee of the Democratic National Committee, is one of the most conjectural and mysterious incidents to happen in the political world in the last few years. In the summary from the Wikipedia page titled, Murder of Seth Rich: “..it spawned several right-wing conspiracy theories, including the... Continue Reading →

The Epstein Chronicles: Who is Jeffrey Epstein?

Wealthy American financier Jeffrey Epstein has finally been caught; and held accountable, in which previously he had not. Being a realist, someone obviously and evidentially being guilty of child trafficking, among other things, I would have suspected his punishment to be expedient and damning. However, that has not been the case. Why not? To understand... Continue Reading →

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